FUERTEVENTURA  Canarias  Spain / BARCELONA Catalunya Spain / CANET EN ROUSSILLON  Catalunya France
Laurent Mora has lived in Catalunya  between Canet & Barcelona his entire life always surrounded by the beach lifestyle and the mountain lifestyle.  Born in Perpignan Laurent spent a majority of his time Painting, Drawing,  Sailing, Surfing, Windsurfing and Wakeboarding in summer and  Snowboarding, Surfing, Skateboarding in winter.
At age 6  Laurent starting sailing in Optimist, & Snow skiing
At age 8 Laurent’s friend introduced him to Windsurfing & Surfing 
In 1986 at age 12 Laurent start snowboarding, with a couple years and a complete dedication by Laurent to spent every minute of day riding, snowboard , or surfboard in winter and Windsurf in summer. On days without waves, wind or snow, Laurent spent his free time painted on T-shirts that he sold to his friends to earn money.
He was competing and winning contests at an amateur level. In 1993 is graduate National Sailing Instructor; he start a real riding lifestyle sponsored by ( Ride Snowboard, Rusty surfboards & Surfwear, Columbia, Rip Curl, Gotcha, Palmer, Nidecker/Donuts, Electric, Porte Puymorens,…)
In 1995 his start to be professional rider travelling in Chile for his first pro rider  Film and competing in  Snowboard World Cup 1996, 1997,1998.
At the same time Laurent begins to paint landscapes and his surf dreams, during his first trip to Maui Hawaii he began to paint on surfboards made by Michel Larronde ( shaper & Big wave surfer, surf pioneer at Jaws ),on days without waves, wind or snow Laurent designs posters for sporting events, he paints to order for friends.
Between 1999 and 2005 Laurent became specialized in Freeride shooting , Big air, and invitational events for his sponsors equipments.
In 1999  Laurent  friend “Teiva Joyeux” introduced  him to  kitesurf in Maui Hawaii it was a new sport with combination of surf,  snowboard , windsurf and wakeboard , he start Judging Kitesurfing events :
– Mondial du Vent  Leucate   2000, 2001, 2002, 2003
– Naish Wave Party 2000
– BMC Kiteboard World Cup  2000
– PKRA World Cup  2001, 2002,2003
In 2000 is graduate Master of business administration for Sport & Tourism
 During the past ten years Laurent’s focus has been on riding contests, travelling, filming and photo shooting for his different sponsors
In 2005 Laurent has switched of direction is graduate National Kitesurfing Instructor and focus a complete dedication to CBCM Company for teaching Boardsports, managing multi-sport events, Organize boardsports travels, Art Painting and producing a Digital Video Films.
Today Laurent is Kitesurf & Water sports Pro Coach, developing its own brand “ CBCM Surf & CBCM Boarder Club “ and always ready to go Kitesurfing or surfing, with you on wonderful waves of FUERTEVENTURA or other surfing destinations.
Laurent has trained people to Kitesurf, Windsurf, and Stand up paddle, Surf, Sailing for more than 20 years, and now he’s offering “rendez vous” Kitesurf & Surf coaching for CBCM . Discover Kitesurfing & Surfing  and its new techniques with an exceptional rider. Share the secrets with your coach to enjoy kitesurfing with success. Learn with the CBCM Surf Pro Coach. He will not only shares with you his passion for Kitesurf & Surf but also he helps you to deal with the challenge, control your emotions, establish objectives and achieve progress in total confidence…He is working according to your needs and abilities.Your Coach come equipped with a wealth of knowledge and experience, all kiteboarding & Surfing equipment for maximum progression at any level beginner thru advanced.

When you are looking for the ultimate learning experience, choose CBCM ! / /

 snow Laurent Mora : Photo Alex Costelli

Laurent  Mora/ photo Richard Amouroux
INVICTUS Crew Laurent Mora

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