“Wave” by Laurent Mora 2020   ( Music : “Songa” by Aleksander Buer )


Aleksander Buer Electronic music video clip

Directed by Laurent Mora

Free Footage

Spain has always had electronic music deeply rooted in its culture, and we can see that, in the amount of talent, this amazing country has contributed to the world electro scene since its creation.

California Surf & Snowboard Trip video

Directed & Edited by Laurent Mora

Surfing in California is known for it perfect right point waves. California is a great surf travel destination with a variety of waves and tons of things to do, even you are not surfing. Approximately 3 hours from Los Angeles there is the legendary snowboard resort “Bear Mountain” where the whole resort is converted into a snowpark.


“Fuerteventura Lover’s” with Stephane Etienne & Nicole Boronat

Fuerteventura North Shore winter 2009/10 with Stephane Etienne & Nicole Boronat was it was a great time to discover the different spots of Fuerteventura with this passionate couple who are exceptional surfers, this clip is dedicated to Stand up paddle but we did windsurfing, a catamaran cruise … to see in next videos

Stephane Etienne is a real waterman riding in Windsurf, Surf, Stand up paddle, Foil,…with a lot of experience in huge swells. He lives with Nicole Boronat in the north of Fuerteventura and they both keep an eye on the big winter swells. If the swell gets big and the wind blows from the right direction, it’s time for a big wave session at one of the spots of Fuerteventura’s North Shore, if it’s no wind it’s time to go Surfing, Stand up paddling , or Foiling…

“Endless Riders”  Trailer video with Teiva & Malik Joyeux